New Technology Developed By MOST Reveals Murder-For-Hire Plot

(Worldwide) (December 23, 2019) The Ministry of Second Timothy, Inc. (MOST) announces new technology which reveals Princess Diana’s car crash successfully concealed a murder-for-hire plot for the past 22 years. On August 31, 1997 major news outlets reported that Princess Diana of Wales died from injuries sustained in a car crash. However, MOST’s patent-pending technology —Event Reconstruction Map™ , (Name Map™)  which extracts its data from cryptograms encoded in the names of the individuals involved, reports that Henri Paul, driver of the crashed car was a suicide driver and part of a murder-for-hire scheme planned by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Charles Prince of Wales; paid for with Crown funds. The motive: prevent Diana from going public with information pertaining to a love child – Thomas Henry Charles Parker Bowles—in which Princess Diana could have demanded a paternity test to establish truth.

Two anagrams extracted from “Princess Diana of Wales” state “Doc Lies Fan Was a Sniper,” and Wassailed France Pions,” the latter is a contraction/soundex of “Was assailed in France by Peons.”

“Charles, Prince of Wales” is anagram for “Plen Lose Wife Car Crash”, a soundex for “Plan Lose Wife Car Crash.”

“Camilla Parker Bowles” is anagram for “Blackmail Lowers A Rep” and “O Mr. Was Capable Killer.”

Anagrams of Henri Paul include “U Hire Plan,” Nail Her Up” and “Hi Leap Urn” is soundex of “He Leap Urn.”

Anagrams of “Thomas Henry Charles Parker Bowles” include “Charles Sperm, “Why Harbor A Skeleton?”

Event Reconstruction Map™ is used primarily to ascertain historical facts but can also be used to test the simulation hypothesis. The simulation hypothesis or simulation theory proposes that all of reality, including the Earth and the universe, is in fact an artificial simulation, most likely a computer simulation.”[1]

Event Reconstruction Name Map™ operates on the premise that our universe, created by God, is of an object-oriented design, and thus, with God’s permission, we can extract data about events— past, present and future —from object names. Objects are the people, places and things that God created and controls.

For example, MOST used a Name Map™ constructor to data mine the results of the next U.S. Presidential election – the results indicate that Pete Buttigieg is going to win the election.

“Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg
” anagram for “Gay Pete Be Ruling Time Trump To Go.”

According to Deirdre Rose, researcher at MOST, “After several years of phenomenological and semiotics research,[2] and hundreds of trials using names of people, places and things from all walks of life, I have been able to consistently demonstrate that names are cryptograms – short pieces of encoded text that when stringed together with related cryptograms accurately depict dialogues of events that have occurred, are occurring and will occur —all in the same name space. For example, in early November 2019, while engaged in the work of the Ministry, I received a command from Jesus Christ. He said, “Mail Archdeacon Wolfs Scull,” which is an anagram of “Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.” So, I began developing a Name Map™, so that I could know exactly what God wanted me to do.

“Scull is a Soundex of Skull, from the intonation of the command it implied a “skeleton in the closet.” Under normal usage, skeleton in the closet is a metaphor alluding to a murder victim long concealed in a closet. However, after creating an Event Reconstruction Map™ (Name Map ) or (The Map™) , I learned my God’s reference to Scull was NOT a figure of speech. I’ve attached an excerpt from The Map™ which speaks for itself, below are highlights:

“An Excerpt From The Name Map™ I depicts three anagrams formed from the name/title Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall below:

  1. Camilla A Wolf; De Cross Lunch.
  2. Ducal Crewman Fills A School
  3. Crew Mooch Diana’s Scull Fall

“According to the Event Reconstruction Map™ (The Map™), Princess Diana – one of God's holy sheep - was the victim of a murder-for-hire scheme gone wrong. Alive after the crash, Princess Diana was robbed, sexually assaulted, frozen to death and decapitated at La Pitie Salpetriere Teaching Hospital in Paris. Diana’s skull was then made a meal for crows and scorched, before it was crammed into a container and flown to its next destination. These facts are easy enough to verify but require exhuming Diana’s body inspecting for remains of a skull, then running forensic tests (DNA etc.) on the remains.

“The Map™ identifies Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Charles Prince of Wales as “Cabal Killers,” whose motive for the murder was blackmail. According to The Map™, Princess Diana threatened to go public with information she obtained from a private investigator. According to The Map™, when the Queen did not allow Charles to marry Camilla – Charles first and only love –Charles —wanting to be his own man—rebelled against the Queen and donated sperm, so that Camilla could bear Charles’ firstborn son. According to The Map,™ Thomas Henry Charles Parker Bowles is the firstborn son of Prince Charles.

“Following are three anagrams (punctuation added) of the name Thomas Henry Charles Parker Bowles, from which the aforementioned conclusions were drawn:

  1. Charles Heartbroken. A Sperm? How Sly.
  2. Charles Holy Sperms Thrown A Beaker.
  3. A Holy Know Charles Sperm R Breathes.


“According to The Map™ in addition to Charles and Camilla, the killer cabal included: Henri Paul – a terminally ill suicide driver, a claque of paparazzi hired to conceal the murder by chasing and creating confusion around the suicide driver’s car, implantation of combustible materials hidden inside the car by a disgruntled peon Alexander Wingfield and a ruthless contractor Jean Francois Musa, both in Mohamed Al-Fayed’s employ, and the alleged “first doctor” on the scene — Frederic Mailliez[3] — who administered a substance to Princess Diana that he claimed was oxygen, but which according to The Map was not oxygen because the substance was used to intentionally put Diana to sleep until she was transferred to La Pitie Salpetriere Hospital, where she was murdered. According to The Map™ Diana was robbed of her engagement ring and other valuables, and her genitalia fondled at the crash site. When she arrived at the hospital, Princess Diana was sexually assaulted while being filmed, placed in a freezer alive until she died, and decapitated at La Pitie Salpetriere Hospital.

“The Event Reconstruction Map™ also shows that Prince Charles was in touch with his crew at the crash site by cell phone, and instructed Frederic Mailliez, to “Rid Me” [of Diana.], and Mailliez replied ‘I freeze.’”

Though the human authorities have failed Princess Diana, God has opened an investigation into the death of Princess Diana, for as Queen Elizabeth knows —monarchy is accountable to God.

“The calling comes from the Highest Source, from God Himself. Monarchy is God’s sacred mission to grace and dignify the earth, to give ordinary people an ideal to strive towards, an example of nobility and beauty …. Monarchy is a calling from God. That’s why you’re crowned in an abbey, not a government building, why you’re anointed, not appointed. It’s an archbishop who puts the crown on your head, not a minister or public servant, which means you’re answerable to God in your duty, not the public.”[4]

Case updates and God’s ruling will be published on God’s website at

Some scientists have claimed that even if we are living in a computer simulation, we have no way of finding out.[5] According to Dr. Sylvester James Gates, Jr., a well-known theoretical physicist who has gained some mainstream attention for his discovery of binary error-correcting code found in String Theory Equations —math used to describe the universe[6]— in order to test whether we are living in a computer simulation, we need to locate the source code. Well, God has revealed to MOST the location of the source code and the pseudocode. Pseudocode is machine-readable source code.

Contrary to the scientific enterprise, whose scope is limited to natural phenomena, the scope of MOST is TRUTH, to obtain truth we investigate both natural and supernatural phenomena. To test the simulation hypothesis; we rely entirely on science, but we also rely on tips from God and God sharing information. Our patent-pending process melds natural and supernatural resources into a tool that allows humans to view the world through God’s eyes. So, God is welcome in our science lab. We intend to use our Name Maps™ to defend TRUTH and God’s flock, we will also make it available to law enforcement organizations as a source of leads, and to help solve crimes – to raise funds for our ministry.

The next step in our simulation hypothesis test is mapping the pseudo-code located in names to the source code located in DNA.

“Whatever exists was named long ago, and what happens to a man is foreknown;” – Ecclesiastes 6:10 BSB


The Ministry of Second Timothy, Inc.

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